Wednesday, February 06, 2008

1 Year No Trim Challenge -- Success!

Last March, in an attempt to figure out how to care for my growing hair, I found the Long Hair Community forums. In addition to extremely helpful advice, anecdotes and all-round lovely people, users posted "challenges" for others to participate in. I signed up for a number, including the "No picking" challenge (which I failed miserably), the "WO for a Month" challenge (which I stuck with for 3 months, and then found out that spraying polyurethane is rather detrimental without the aid of cleansers), and the "No Trim for a Year" challenge.

My last trim was at a small hair salon in Bayshore on Jan 29/07. I documented my hair length on April 25/07, and went a full year without a cut.

As you can see, my hair is now officially past waist length, however, I've discovered that I still have some damage left over from the last time I dyed my hair (semi-permanent drugstore varieties). The ends have developed hundreds of splits over the past year, prompting many search and destroy missions.

I've been itching to chop the dried bits off -- I'm heading back to the salon. The sad part is I'll probably have to lose the 6 inches I've gained over the past year :(

I guess we'll see in a few hours...

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