Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Cottage pics

Faye playing Badminton

Kitchen table, without the extension

The cottage is under construction here, so it looks rougher than it is now -- you also don't see the new porch and screened porch. The water level is much higher than this, so there is *very* little shoreline this year.

Cottage Pics for Bertos

The 3rd Annual Cottage Weekend Extravaganza is starting tomorrow, and Faye's new Husband, Albertos is planning the continuation of the Polizogopolympics. The only problem is he's never been to the cottage before, and has no clue what the general layout is, so I though I'd post some pics of our previous years to give him an idea of the space we'll be competing in.

I'm having some issues uploading the correct pics... they should be up before 3pm.