Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Wish List

My love of lists knows no bounds. I've decided to keep track of all the little things I'd spend money on (if I had some lying around).

Stuff I could probably make myself, if I got off my arse
-Carpetted cat tree/house for Butters (aka Bartholomew)
- Spinning Wheel (I returned Jen's wheel a while ago. I miss spinning)

Practical stuff
- A lamp set (we returned my parents' shop light a while ago >.>)
- Another cable for our digital camera (we're always losing ours).
- New couches. I could even do beanbag chairs at this point. My DH tells me our current 5th hand furniture is fine... as he lounges in the only new piece of furniture we own - an Ikea chair he stole from his Dad =/
- A collection of Psalters -- even one would be nice.
- Country Living Grain Mill & Exercise Bike - Yeah, I know it's expensive, and there is a pretty big chance I'll never actually get around to actually using it, but...
- A healthy kitchen... no processed foods <--- not going to happen.

- Sawstop - because I like all my fingers.
- Biscuit Joiner <-- a definite "must have" for building kitchens
- 8" Jointer
- 16" Thickness Planer
- one of those really lightweight black & white Makita portable drills Algonquin just got
- Dovetail jig
- Blum Minipress Pro >.>

- Four inch Double Pointed Needles in all the small sizes (I can't seem to find them in stores)
- "Knitting Without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman (I found "Knitter's Almanac" at the Book Market)
- Sewing Desk - and someone to make it nice and ready for me.
- Any books by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Meg Swansen, or Debbie Bliss.
- The entire Harmony Guide Series. Yes, I'm greedy.
- Well, just about any knitting book, as long as it has great photographs and a distict lack of any item which might look like it has the possibility of being crafted in the 80s or 90s.
- More "Merino & Fur" by Naturally, or any other soft, soft luxury yarn- just about any colour ;)
- Cloud/Roving to spin (I guess I need a wheel first, though)

Wishful Thinking
- A farm. Nothing too fancy - just a couple acres for alpacas, and heritage sheep, and some ducks, maybe a few horses and a guard llama... might as well have some Angora rabbits too :)

Done & Done

- Big fat flat boar bristle brush. I bought myself a smaller sized brush. I just couldn't wait - my hair was getting too long :P
- Comfy, cozy housecoat. SOFT and LONG. Blue or Chocolate Brown would be nice, but I'm not too picky DH gave me a beautiful light pink fuzzy housecoat :)
- Comfy, cozy slippers, preferably Shearling. My parents bought me sheepskin slippers from Costco a while ago. I think my sister stole them :P Now, Costco only carries the slip on, backless version, not the full slipper type :( My In-Laws gave me a beautiful pair of shearling slippers, and DH gave me a pink pair to match my bathrobe - I think I'll drop one pair off at Jo's so my feet don't freeze there :)
- Set of HUGE mugs, like the King/Queen mugs Mrs Tiggywinkle's carried. DH gave me 2 large pink mugs - they hold the perfect amount of milk, while allowing room to stir in Hot Chocolate mix :)

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