Thursday, November 24, 2005

Harry Potter, Bible Study & Smells

I almost forgot my date with Jo to see the newest Harry Potter movie. It was quite good, although I should have refreshed my memory on the previous movies. I didn't have a clear idea of who some previous characters were, but that didn't affect my comprehension too much. One thing that bothered me a touch was the obvious age differential. They really should have filmed all the movies within a year of each other. It was more than a bit obvious that all the actors had hit puberty over the "summer"...

I got a bit further on my fan & feather-type afghan for my Gramma this evening during the Bible study. I'm getting a bit tired of *K1, YO, K1, S1, K1, PSSO, K2Tog, K1, Yo* rep from * to * ending with K1. P (WS). Repeat Rows 1&2 forever... The next afghan I do will definitely be a sampler square-type thingy with more variety. The Bible study was wonderful though - Hebrews 9&10. We discussed how the new covenant is like a will and whether or not the New Covenant took effect before the crucifixion. I really enjoyed the reading - it was so clear cut, straight forward. I'm not exactly a touchy-feely new-age Christian, but I had a really pleasant feeling during the study. I wasn't just happy - I felt physically nice. Maybe it was the PC chocolate and Sour Patch Kids we had during the movie, or the (very) spicy Mango Curry Chicken that Jo had for dinner :P Jo thinks I'm pregnant. A couple times this week I commented on overpowering smells. Tuesday, it was the Christmas-y craft scent in Walmart. Today, it was a woman rubbing Body Shop's Satsuma lotion on her hands, and then a man who had just finished a smoke sat down across from me. I almost puked. Note to all you smokers - you stink for at least half an hour after a cigarette. It's not the almost ok smell of a fresh cigarette, either - it's... gross. You don't just need a mint, you need to brush your teeth, shower and change clothes. Anyway, this sensitivity to smell is apparently one of the primary signs that you're pregnant, so now I'm doing the calender calculation thing in my head, though I highly doubt it... *sigh*... I wish there were more obvious changes, like instead of the pee stick tester thing turning blue, your bellybutton does :) Not only would it be instant, it would be free. I really dislike paying 8 bucks each time I think I might be pregnant.


Jan said...

You know, Elaine, I don't know if they have Sav-A-Lot in Canada or not. I saw some pregnancy tests there for $1.00. Of course, one would have to wonder about the accuracy of a $1 pregnancy test. I remember how it felt though, to wonder if I was pregnant. My only advice would be to enjoy the wondering. Soon enough you will either 1. Know you are (hurrah!!) but be sick or 2. Know you aren't. Knowing you aren't when you want to be is a real let down.

Lovely blog. Sorry for the huge comment. You commented on my blog the other day, and I followed you home, LOL. The answer to your question on what Cabled sweater I am knitting is that it is the Fishermans' Cardigan, a free pattern on the Lion Brand web site. It is super easy, and a lot of fun. Just very sloooooowwww.

Elaine said...

Nope, no Sav-A-Lots up North. Sounds like the closest thing we have would be a Dollarama, but I *definitely* wouldn't trust a pregnancy test rom there. I *could* ask my parents to get the test from Costco, but that would just raise a few too many eyebrows. It was bad enough having DH ask his Mum to buy us a 3-pack of condoms :/ I decided that as penny-pinching as we might be, it just wasn't worth asking anyone else to buy us protection... We really should get our own Costco membership :P

I'm not the type of person who enjoys wondering :P In the first three months of marriage I went through half a dozen tests - even went to my doctor to figure out what was going on (missed that many periods). Doctor said it could have been stress or irregular eating habits. I think it had to do with the lack of estrogen floating around our house - you know, women living together get in synch due to hormones or pheremones or something. Suddenly, it was just me and my Hubby :)

I finally decided to stop thinking about it altogether. I figured I'd know when I had to spend an entire day in the washroom (my Mum was sick every day of each of her pregnancies). But Jo got me all worried/hopeful again :P Maybe I should charge her for the test ;D

Thanks for letting me know which sweater you were knitting. I was hoping you'd track me back, because I kinda, sorta forgot which blog I had posted on ;)