Tuesday, November 01, 2005


WoW > Wife

How about this senario...

Dec 2004: Wife begs Husband for WoW
Feb 2005: Husband starts playing Wife's account while she is visiting a friend for the weekend
Mar 2005: Wife and Husband share character until it hits 60.
Apr 2005: Wife asks for second account. Husband agrees as long as Wife levels new character for him. Husband decides that their first character is his WoW "identity", and doesn't want to build a new reputation on the server. Wife plays second account.
Aug 2005: Wife is declared addicted to WoW. Husband wants both to seriously cut back.
Sep 2005: Husband asks Wife to quit WoW for valid reasons. Husband continues to play infrequently, since WoW is not an 'addiction' for himself.
Oct 2005: Wife goes through SERIOUS WoW withdrawls. Wife continually asks Husband to quit, so that she can stop thinking about WoW. Husband declines.
Dec 2005: Wife has gotten over WoW withdrawls and has found new, productive hobbies. Husband's playing time increases and is soon playing until 3am regularly. Sexy Wife can't even lure Husband to bed with 'kisses' (wink, wink).
Jan 31 2006: Wife learns about new "Parental Control" feature for WoW. Account is still under Wife's email address. Wife sets up "Spousal Control".
Feb 1 2006: Husband kicked off BWL raid at precisely 1am.
Feb 2 2006: Husband divorces Wife.

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