Sunday, November 27, 2005

Working through the stash

One project down, a couple dozen to go...

Next up on the needles, a beige and brown afghan done up in Paton's Divine. I'll say it's for my Mum, unless my Mum reads this, in which case it's for someone else :P

I'm usually a bit of a yarn snob -- I stay away from anything that has acrylic in it -- but I really love the feel of this yarn. Plus, it was an amazingly good price at Michael's. The look of the yarn is nice too, but the feel of it is far more important to me - I refuse to knit with uncomfortable wool. I had some "Boa" picked out of my stash and cast on a couple rows for a quick scarf, but I just couldn't stand having the harsh core rub against my fingers for the next 400 rows. I stay away from metallics for the same reason. Blech! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to finishing this by Christmas - preferably of this year ;)

Ooh - I just got accepted to the Christian Knitters webring - take a look through their sites (sidebar).

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