Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hogan Kitchen Design

Update: I've noticed a number of Google hits on this blog for "Hogan Kitchen Design." While it would stroke my ego to think hundreds of people are fascinated by my college project, I have a feeling they are actually looking for Hogan Kitchens. I am (unfortunately) not affiliated with them in any way. Beautiful kitchens and website though -- makes me proud to be an Hogan. I'm thinking of sending them a resume ;)


So I'm doing my parent's kitchen, as a giant Thank You for paying for my Cabinetmaking degree at Algonquin College. I did it up on 20/20 Design (version 5.8, or something) at school (VERY good program, but a couple years out of date).

My Mum was*thrilled* when I showed her the plan and the 3d view. Here are some pics of it, taken from the program. Some known issues: I couldn't figure out how to insert the bulkheads, so some cabinets are lower than others for no apparent reason (trust me, it'll be fine), I removed the kickplate, the appliance garages should have wood sides, the walls won't be a dreadful shade of grey or bright green, the spot-lighting isn't in it's final location, and the overhead lightbox is a very ugly shade of green.


David Summer said...

Great work on the 20-20 program. It's nice to see someone use the colored renderings!

Good luck in your cabinetry adventures.


Anonymous said...

your mom and dad are very lucky! The kitchen looks lovely and really well thought out in terms of space. I'm based in England and am currently researching for my kitchen redesign. I've just signed the contract for a tailor made kitchen so am on the look out for some unique or contemporary design features. I have a young family at the moment and we're extending the house to make room for our third child and lucky me i get a new kitchen too. I'm having to live elsewhere though as the building work is at an open house stage and my 9 month old can do without the draft. it'll all be worth it though, i hope all the building work goes smoothly for you all, good luck!

Anonymous said...

sorry just noticed the date on your blog, (it's late here and i'm a bit tired and stressed!) how did it all go?

Elaine said...

My parents decideds to start going down to Florida for the winter, so the kitchen plans have been put on hold... indefinitely. My Husband and I have also moved 2 hours away, which would have put a damper on the whole construction process anyway. I don't have any power tools as of yet, but the house we just bought (yay) has room for a very large workshop (yay!). Maybe by Christmas we'll have the money set aside to buy my SawStop... among other things :)

Koekkener said...

This is very beautiful and nice. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing

bespoke kitchens uk said...

has this master piece come into fruition yet?