Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mystery Rose

I recently purchased this lovely rose, and discovered it was mislabeled. I have no idea how I missed the very obvious hybrid tea pictured on the label, but this beauty definitely isn't 'Day Breaker'.

The blossoms are just over 3" wide, fully quartered, & nearly flat when open (slightly dished). They quickly nod, then fade from a light apricot/warm yellow to soft cream. The oldest flowers have some pink tinges on the outer petals (probably from the rain). It smells wonderfully fruity, maybe a bit like strawberries.

The thorns are quite large and deep red.

The foliage doesn't have any outstanding features, other than being disease free during a very wet spring.

The plant is currently ~3 feet tall and looks rather airy -- more like A Shropshire Lad than Graham Thomas.

The label says St. Catharines, ON, so I assume it comes from JC Bakker, and the closest rose on their product list is Crown Princess Margareta.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Light Apricot Mystery Rose

Light Apricot Mystery Rose

Fully Quartered Light Apricot Mystery Rose

Light Apricot aging to Cream

Approx. 3" Quartered blooms

Blooms nod as they age

Water Spotting on outer blooms

Up to 5 buds per spray

Large red thorns

Unremarkable leaves

Underside of leaves

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