Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Standing Hair Cut

I felt a wee bit foolish standing in the middle of the salon while the stylist trimmed away a year's growth. When your hair falls past the barber chair's back, however, there's few other options. It didn't help that stylist was rather diminutive herself...

I had forgotten something very important in the year since my last. Since most stylists don't deal with hair past Bra Strap Length (usually just shoulder length), they have to be taught that hair past 12" needs to be combed in sections from the bottom up. I should have detangled it myself, but I didn't want to be rude. Besides, it was done before I thought to say something.

I mentioned I was still growing out my hair, but I wanted to get rid of the damaged ends. She took off a bit less than I had expected, but I had still hoped more could be salvaged. Let this be a lesson to all of you trying to grow out colour damaged hair... if it looks slightly damaged at shoulder length, you can be sure it'll be dry, frazzled, split and unmanageable at waist length.

Cut it off before you try to grow it out!

I'm pleased with the overall shape, and hope that's the last of the damaged hair. If I ever consider colouring my hair again, please remind me that my hair only grows about 6" per year. At the moment, it'll take over 4 years to grow out crown damage.

I guess I'm back to where I started last winter... At least I'll know how long I can expect it to be by this time next year ;)

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