Saturday, December 03, 2005

Getting Convicted

For some reason I chose to stay up late and research long hair and head coverings.

When I first met my Husband, I had shorter hair than he did (and his hair was short). He said he was attracted to me partly because I had short, spunky hair. However, as our relationship progressed, he indicated his desire for me to grow out my hair. I was tired of my uber short hair, so I agreed. I remember my annoyance at the "in-between" stages =/ But I also remember how excited he was as my hair finally reached viable ponytail length :) Every so often I'd threaten to chop it all off again, just to see if my DH desired my short hair again. The threats usually come after prodding him to roll over, off my hair *sigh*... I haven't had hair this long since I was 7. My Mum made me chop it off because I couldn't take care of it. To be fair, it was so long I could sit on it, and I was seven. Now, it's getting caught under my arm, and becoming a real nuisance when I sleep. But each time the thought of lobbing it all off enters my mind, it is immediately chased out by my own desire to have long hair. I keep coming back to the passage that equates short hair with shame. I want to have long long hair because God says it is my glory, which He gave to me.

I've worn a head covering to church since I started taking the Lord's Supper (usually a large, square scarf folded diagonally). At that time, a number of our Pastor's sermons were online, and so I downloaded one discussing 1Cor 11, where Paul discusses why women should cover their hair when praying and prophesying. I agreed with Rich's assessment of the passage, and began covering my head as a sign of God's authority, my submission to Him (I wasn't yet married), and to veil my glory (my hair) so that everyone around me could concentrate on Him (as if my shaggy mass of hair could have distracted anyone).

The last few months, however, I've felt drawn towards Muslim's head coverings. This evening, I spent 4 hours researching 1Cor11, as well as other verses dealing with the covering of women's heads, as well as modesty. I'm feeling convicted that I should be covering my hair all the time, not just in public Worship. I mean, Paul didn't say cover your head when you are praying in Church. He said to cover your head when you pray and prophesy. Period. That means every time you pray. If you're in constant dialogue with God, talking with Him about your day, your hopes, your plans, His plans for you, then you should constantly be covering your head.

So now I have an urge to buy a sqare of some lightweight cotton fabric, a length of cord, and make an everyday headcovering for myself. I'll have to include hidden loops for a hair comb to secure it (the scarves I wear to church are so slippery they don't last long without clips), and figure out if I want a snood to capture all my hair, or a longer veil-type thing to cover it all.

Shoot. Which all this modesty related convicting going on, I'm going to have to start wearing more skirts now too (Deut. says women shouldn't wear the accoutrements of men). That means I'm going to have to find a pair of winter boots that look nice with skirts. I don't think I have any stockings either...

Well, that was an interesting night.

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