Friday, December 16, 2005

Peaceful Palms #4

I've started and finished a mitten!

I decided to go with a thrummed mitten from Yarn Forward found here, although my guage was way off, and I was doing it on 2 circs instead of 2 regular.

I used the "Merino & Fur" I got on sale a couple weeks ago, along with hank of roving from Fleece Artist in matching shades, and a small trim of dark green sock mohair. I'll get a picture up soon, I promise.

I started yesterday at Jo's while waiting for our ganache to cool so we could shape it into truffles. I had to play around with the number of stitches, before finally settling on 30. The cuff is a little wide, but body is nice and snug with all the thums. If I have extra yarn, I'll probably add onto the cuff to make it longer and tighter. I'm not crazy about the feeling of the mohair against my skin. I think I've decided to never use mohair again. it's just too scratchy (unless someone can recommend a softer variety).

I continued knitting well into the early morning, woke up around 11am (exams are finished), and kept on knitting. I had knit the mitten too long because I forgot how many rows the finishing process would require. I frogged about 12 rows then started the decreases. I think I may have gone too far back, as my finger tips touch the end. Hopefully I'll be able to stretch out the mitt a touch when I block it.

For a first go at both mitts and thumming, I'm quite pleased. They're pretty fuzzy though - it that normal? or did I not twist the thrums enough? Once I wash them, the yarn will bloom as well, so they'll be fuzzaliscious ;)

I'm looking forward to casting on the final mitt. At this rate, I might even be able to get a hat doen in time for Christmas. This set will look great with the brown peacoat and boots I picked out with my Mum :)

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