Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm lovin' Bamboo

Wow... I'm really enjoying working with the bamboo - it's super soft and slinky, and drapes so well - too well, in fact... the scarf I made for a guy has absolutely no substance... it's more of a fashion scarf, exept the garter stitch is too bulky, and I doubled it over and joined the 2 sides, so it's not long enough, and ARGH! Anyway... I guess I'll be carefully pulling out the seam and possibly keeping the 6"x52" thing for a baby blanket border... but who puts babies in black? unless I did a bumble bee theme, but bamboo? Does it wash well? *sigh*... I really should have thought this through... the bamboo is too lightweight and cool for use as a winter scarf...

On a less annoyed note, I found my old (very old) receipts for Yarn Forward. Back in the day, you could hand in your receipts and get a discout depending on how much you spent. $100 = 7%, $200 = 10%, $300 = 15%. Now, they automatically add the amount of your bill to your card (bright orange, hard to miss). However, they still take the old-style receipts and add them to your total (it's been a few years since I last shopped there). I totalled them up and came to $345.31 before taxes ($391.52 after taxes - I can't remember which total they use). Add that to the $200 I have on the account, and that's 2 15% discounts, so I can space out $300 between 2 purchases :)

On a side note, the discount program doesn't apply to their online store.

I have to run to pick up my Debit and Credit cards from my Mum. I'll pop into their Kanata location after and see if anything tickles my fancy for Christmas projects (yes I know, I'm cutting it *really* close).

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