Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Head covering

So I've been doing more research on the whole headcovering issue. I've concluded the following things.

1. Head coverings are definitely fabric veils which conceal hair. Although hair is given to the woman as a covering, it is not her only covering. Paul's argument to shave uncovered hair would make no sense if hair was a woman's only covering.

2. Head coverings are definitely worn in Sabbath Worship during Prayer and Prophecy. However, since women are not to speak/teach during Public Worship, it is likely that head coverings should be worn during all prayer, prophecy and teaching, otherwise, Paul would not have mentioned Prophesy. Although it is slightly controversial, I would highly recommend wearing head coverings during all prayer and teaching. What harm is there in honouring a Sabbath practice throughout the week?

3. Head coverings are definitely to be worn by married women. However, there is great good in young girls and unmarried women wearing a head covering as well, since one of the chief purposes of the covering is to hide her glory.

4. Although Head coverings are highly recommended as regular attire, they are not necessary at all times, just as it is not necessary for men to keep their heads uncovered at all times. 1Tim2:9 & 1Pet3:3 both discuss improper attire, including braided hair, rather than uncovered hair. Therefore, a covering would be considered more modest, however, it is completely voluntary when not praying, or prophesying/teaching.

5. Head coverings serve as a symbol of a submissive heart before our Lord Jesus Christ. They are a great tool for teaching a willful heart, and can help remind ourselves of the proper attitude towards God, and our Husbands or Fathers. However, there is little benefit in forcing an unbelieving woman to wear a veil. It is far more important to deal with the inner, spiritual matter of the heart first, before attempting to address the outer, physical symbol.

My Husband and I have been married for just over a year now. In that short time, it has become apparent that I do not possess a willing, submissive heart towards my Husband and, therefore, God. I think that wearing a head covering during the day will help me keep my mind focused on my duty towards God and my Husband (which is probably why God hasn't let me brush aside the issue of head coverings this past week). It is something I am choosing to do for a time (as yet undetermined), in order to ascertain if it is of benefit to my soul. If wearing a veil improves my attitude, then I will determine to constantly wear it. There is no harm in practicing a level of modesty not commonly found in modern society.

I made a covering today based on this design, using a lightweight cotton fabric and cording I bought on Monday. I've been wearing it since early afternoon, and have found it difficult to ignore my household chores like I usually do. I even did laundry... I know - it might not sound like much, but I've been putting it off for quite some time. I'd rather not say just how long :P

When my DH came home, he didn't say a word about the veil. I'm pretty sure he had seen some of my earlier interest in head coverings, and took it as a natural extension of my research. Immediately following dinner, we retreated to the bedroom where he suggested we read scripture. He prayed for God to give us wisdom for our future, and I continued reading in John where we had left off some time ago. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think seeing me wear a symbol of Godly submission encouraged DH to practice Godly leadership.

Please pray for my Husband and me as I explore modesty in dress and actions.

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