Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Goin' to see Alpacas!

Jo called me this morning to ask when we should leave for Scorry Breck Alpaca farm. I had completely forgotten! We had to leave in an hour if we were going to make it there on time.

On a completely different note, our beautiful kitten, Butters (now almost 6 months), has been jumping into the bathtub lately, and just laying in there. I wasn't sure if she wanted a bath, or what, so I filled the tub with a couple inches of warm water. As I was typing, I heard a rather large splash... and then a rather annoyed meow as she scrambled out. She's peering over the ledge of the tub right now from the safety of the bathroom floor. I guess she didn't want a bath, but now she'll look before she leaps ;)

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