Friday, January 20, 2006

I went out today to satisfy my itch to spin. Yarn Forward was out of Fleece Artist roving (FYI - 20% all regular priced yarns!), but they pointed me in the direction of Knit-Knackers on 40 James St. It was a lovely home with bins of wool and fibre in one room, and what looked like shelves of yarn in another. I'm not too sure, because I couldn't get past the first room ;)

I told the lady at the desk (I'm so bad with names) that I was a fairly new spinner, and I was looking for the next step up from what I had been using (apparently it was Corriedale wool). She asked if I was using a drop spindle, and for some reason the word "spinning wheel" flew out of my head (it happens often enough to be worrisome), so I just pointed to the Louet S15 in the corner, and said I was using that... She offered to find the owner whom knew more about differences in fibre texture.

The owner was a lovely woman, very friendly. I said I was a new spinner looking for advice, and she asked if I was using a drop spindle (is it unusual to start on an actual spinning wheel? I never could get the hang of the homemade drop spindles...). She then took me through a primer on various wool textures. She said that if she got me started on a certain Merino wool (again, can't recall the name), that I'd be spoiled for life. She said South African Top would be a great wool to advance to after the Corriedale. I could then mix in some Alpaca with it for a bit more slip. Alpaca? I've been thinking about raising them, I said... she laughed and said that she raises Angora rabbits. She's about due for a new litter this week - if I wanted to try my hand at raising fibre animals, I should probably start there.

Well, what could I say? I dream big ;)

I ended up purchasing around 100g of both South African Top and Alpaca ($4 each for a bunch of roving the size of my head - and I have an unusually large head thanks to my Father's side of the family) - creamy white, perfect for dyeing, if I so choose. I couldn't stop feeling the Alpaca... even at the Bible study - I had to show everyone what alpaca fur felt like. I think they might have a better idea of why I want to raise Alpacas...

Speaking of which - I just remembered my High School graduation! We had to write down a little blurb for the teacher to read while we received our diplomas. Mine said something to the effect of "plans to raise Llamas and Alpacas for their wool"... I also wore white pants and no socks or shoes under the gown, but that's neither here nor there... The point is - I've been talking about raising Alpacas since 2001!

Oh! Totally changing the subject (but I get to do that, since I'm the only one here... man it's lonely writing a blog) Please pray for two of my friends (they're getting married in a few months). They are both studying in the same field, and have a crazy problem at school. One of the assignments they handed in was insanely similar, and they are being charged with academic fraud. From what I understand, they used the same notes from a previous class to fill in the sheet, and ended up with nearly identical answers. They didn't work together, nor discuss their answers afterwards, but it looks as though they copied each other's work. Please pray that God would be their Rock and Stronghold through the inquiry, and that the board would understand their defense. I mean, seriously - if they did copy each other's notes, don't you think they'd make it a little less conspicuous? They are in a class of 15, for goodness sake! They don't know when the meeting will take place, but it will be at least a week, since their teachers are off... that's at least a full week of restless nights worrying about false accusations. Please pray that they will rest the situation in God's hands, knowing that they have done all that they can do until the meeting (they made a 40 page brief detailing which phrases were taken directly from the notes, along with a whole bunch of other legal stuff - anyway, please pray for them; I believe God answers prayers).

I've spun about half of the South African Top, and think it's time for bed. The Tiramisu was a bomb, by the way, even Jared didn't wantto take it home.... Please, if you ever want to make Tiramisu with Brandy instead of Marsala, use 1 part Brandy, 1 part sugar, 2 parts water. I really hope my next one turns out, or I'm going to give the whole Tiramisu business up.

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