Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just a thought - fencing

Hmm... ok, so if I were to completely surround my family's homestead in electric fence, how much would that cost?
Edit: Oops - forgot that you have to tighten, clamp and terminate at in-line brace posts every 2400'. I think you use copper lead out wires and copper split bolt clamps to continue the connection... The length of the homestead is 156' more than recommended, and I don't know how forgiving that number is, but its probably not good to exceed it in areas of heavy winter conditions. So, I had to tack on 8 more end post systems and a bit more copper wire

150 square acres
12.25 acres x 12.25 acres
2556' x 2556'
10224 perimeter = $16562.88 ($16767)
81792' (82800') wire
$542.29 Basic costs
inc 11 Ground Wires (3+1 every 1300')
Panther 3600 Energizer = approx $1600
3 Corner Posts = $582.87
10 End Posts = $5085.60 (2 + (2x4) end posts)
1 Gate$398.75
Probably a couple dozen Hill and Valley Posts, but I'll just ignore that for now

Subtotal = 22433.71 + Valley and Hill Posts
+20% shipping and tax/duties = $26920.45, possible bulk discount?

Hmm... that's really not that bad - to completely and securely fence in 150 acres for under 30k? Anyway, this is just theoretical for me - I'd never need to fence in the entire property. I just like figure stuff like that out... Yeah... I'm a wee bit off my rocker...

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